Interactive craft house of the castle estate – reconstruction of the barn, shed and courtyard, and construction and development of utilities

An interactive craft house is being set up in the centre of Füzér. The craft house will have five workshops: ceramics, toy, gift-making, forge work and woodworking as well as a traditional souvenir making activity area. Visitors to these workshops can learn about the old equipment, tools and implements used in these crafts. The craftsmen there will give continuous demonstrations and oversee activities for visitors, and display their crafts linked to events, where the public can admire their skills. Under guidance, visitors can try their own hand at these traditional crafts and making gifts and souvenirs connected with Füzér Castle, such as copies of the stove tiles of Füzér, a replica of the pitcher recently found at Füzér, wooden weapons, shields and games as well as medieval jewels.

A covered veranda will be built at the side of the craft house which will allow the workshops to move outdoors in the summer.